Moving deeper into the world!

Aloriah has been upgrading with a new patch. Now it has a tip system that suggest moves to the player and that’s what I need. I have been training a big army to move on to take my fourth village in Misty Marshes and the tip system said that I need the Blue Dragon Head to survive in the fourth climate zone. Now I have to find it in the sea around Tropical Islands, so I have sent out an army into the water to search for it. Wish me good luck with that, heard from a friend that is hard to find and he have been searching for two weeks. But I will beat him finding it =)

I have also upgraded my Barracks and built some Taverns to increase the max amount of units. It is important that you still have room for more units when you move out in the world with a big army.

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Trying to protect myself

My new village is not safe; unlucky I have a dragon gate just beside my village in the Dry Steppes. Out from the gate come many groups of dragons, and to have a chance to defeat them I´m building a very large army. But the problem is that I don’t have the item Gate Anti-Seal, this item seals the gate and then I don’t have to worry that they attack my village.

I have also researched an extra slot for units, this makes my troops stronger and now I have room for Axe Throwers.

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My third village!

Yes! After looking for a free spot to my third village, for about 1 week, I found one! And that means that I can upgrade and make my civilization a lot more powerful. The third village is in the Dry Steppes area, and here the Black Dragons are everywhere. They are really powerful and a fight with them might kill me! Right now my village has a 1 day protection so I hide inside it, and boost up my army. I will eventually try to kill some of them! A fight with these Dragons will also boost up my skill points a lot.

I start to enjoy this browser game more and more. I think this game is going to be the new thing! See you around!

Village 3

My third village

Black Dragons

Black Dragons

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Follow me in the browser game Aloriah

I have recently started to play the browser game Aloriah. The game is really something for me, and that´s why I have started this blog so you can follow me through the game or just join me in the World of Aloriah.

I have just opened my second village in Tropical Islands, now I upgrading my buildings and income like a maniac. The gold income starts in the second village, and now I can train Sarimner Boars and they have 300 in life. This is the strongest animal in the game so far.

In Tropical Islands there are a lot of islands, and to explore other islands I have to move my army over the sea. Now I have to get some skill points to upgrade my water movement speed, so I can travel faster.

Tropical Islands

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